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Festival "SOLO" Camille

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Grotowski Institute, Theatr ZAR (Wrocław, Poland)

in Polish with Russian subtitles

Camille Claudel was a sculptress. She was also a sister of Paul Claudel and for ten years the companion and artist-partner of Auguste Rodin, with whom she lived her golden years. They created a perfect creative tandem. She was his muse, his assistant, but also during all that time she was an independent sculptress with her own artistic path. Auguste was also a father to the child she lost. This moment in her biography marks the beginning of her end, a merciless downfall that leads Camille into the abyss. She died over 70 years ago, and the last 30 years of her life she spent in a mental asylum.

The last photo ever taken of Camille provided an impulse that directly influenced the final shape of the performance. It features Camille together with a friend who visited her in the hospital. Such visits, which didn’t occur very often during her life in the asylum, may have evoked in her a cascade of memories – memories whose shapes the creators of the performance sensed and clothed in their own sensitivity.

50 minutes
Directed by
Mariana Sadovska
Performed by
Kamila Klamut
With the participation of
Ewa Pasikowska