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Festival "SOLO" Machine Rouge

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Denis Lavant / François R. Cambuzat / Gianna Greco (France)

in French with Russian subtitles

The famous French actor’s Machine Rouge can be called a theatre performance only partly. Denis Lavant and François R. Cambuzat were interested above all not in beautiful words or exact rhymes but in that wonderful savagery, that gypsy spirit, close to Sufism and so dear to Federico Garcia Lorca, without which beauty, technique, form, everything loses sense.

Denis Lavant improvises, submitting to his own desires and mood, not limiting himself to staging, learned lines or habit. He follows his inspiration. As for music played by François R. Cambuzat and Gianna Greco, it is not an impromptu, it was composed beforehand with the purpose to interfere with the voice, to misbalance what is said and done, to create new impulse. The word outside this trance is nothing more than a performance of our hypocrisy and conservatism, while theatre should be the arena of thought clothed in an up-to-date word form, an attempt to turn the world upside down.

The tour is supported by the Embassy of France in Russia and the French Institute in Moscow

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80 minutes
Conceived and directed by
Denis Lavant, François R. Cambuzat, Gianna Greco
Performed by
Denis Lavant