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Festival "SOLO" ODYSSEUS. Red Rhapsody X

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(Athens, Greece) 

in Greek with Russian surtitles

Surviving a ten years’ war and an adventurous journey at sea, Odysseus comes home a stranger in rags and finds his palace taken over by strangers. Over a hundred suitors have occupied the grounds and surrounded his wife, while plotting to steal his throne and kill his only son. The hero devises a plan to take back what’s rightfully his, and that’s where the performance begins. The suitors’ names are symbolical. They stand for intrusive thoughts, obsessions, delusions or thinking errors – Antinous («against reason»), Agelaus («herd behavior»), Amphinomus («contradictory») and so on. Odysseus kills the mind’s chatter on the road to self-awareness.

ODYSSEUS. Red Rhapsody X revolves around one actor playing a range of roles – Homer the narrator, Odysseus, his son Telemachus, Athena the goddess dressed as Mentor  and several suitors. He uses contemporary theatrical and technical means to confront viewers with a highly physical performance and breathe life into an otherwise dead language.

The technical adaptation of the performance for the Festival SOLO has been conceived by the students of the Russian Technical Theatre School-2017: Vyacheslav Maksimov, Evgeniya Shabanova, Evgeniy Vandyshev and Sergey Prikhodko.

50 minutes
Written by
Directed and performed by
Yiorgos Panteleakis