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Festival "Your Chance" Suitcase Packers

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National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts «Kr.Sarafov» (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Deceptively simple, full of poetical allusions and smart wordplay, Hanoch Levin’s play tells the story of the human live, enclosed in its repetitive cycle from birth to death. The theatre students from the Bulgarian National Academy interpret this story with the help of rich theatrical means. They use pantomime, clown’s tricks, acrobacy, as well as masks and colorful make-up, all while telling life stories through a variety of short sketches.

Suitcase Packers is full of lively and colorful characters, gathered in a small neighbourhood. Five families mix their lives together, face arrivals and departures, encounter tourists, all while the patiently waiting grave-diggers are getting ready to take away the physical cover left by a human being. They are all desperate and dissatisfied, each one in their own way. Desperation fueled by the constant inability to create a healthy society and a large happy family.

1 hour 35 minutes without an interval
Directed by
Martin Karov and Veselin Petrov