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Festival "SOLO" The Tin Drum

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Berliner Ensemble
(Berlin, Germany

Barely born, Oskar Matzerath recognizes the world as an universal disaster and rejects it. Only the metal drum promised by his mother opens an acceptable perspective of survival to him: the grotesque existence of a drummer, of an artist with ambivalent motivations and effects. On his third birthday, Oskar decides to stop growing, but rather to watch and play the drum. He describes the development of fascist thoughts and actions from a worm’s eye view, reporting adultery and the pogrom night, linking a personal story with history. Oskar becomes an observer and at the same time a participant in a world where a collapse of the civilization like the Holocaust is possible.

For his whole life, Nobel Prize winner Günther Grass had felt not guilty but responsible for the crimes committed in the name of the German people. “The Tin Drum” is also an attempt to make the mechanisms of the own seduction transparent. Despite all controversies around the novel and the author, this text stands for a milestone in the German post-war literature.

Director Oliver Reese has adapted the original version by telling the story of the eternal drummer from the perspective of the main character played in a solo by the actor Nico Holonics.

1 hour 50 minutes without an interval in German with Russian surtitles
Written by
Günther Grass
Directed by
Oliver Reese
Performed by
Nico Holonics