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Dear friends!
You are always welcome at our Theatre Center!

А. Kalyagin





The Theatre Center «Na Strastnom» is a unique non-commercial platform in Moscow, founded and IMG_2865inspired by the Theatre Union of Russia and its President Alexander Kalyagin. Since its creation, the Center has acquired the image of a contemporary cultural space, open to most daring theatre projects. No wonder 80 per cent of the public on every performance are young people from 16 to 40 years old.

The bold and expressive policy of the Theatre Center results in performances of the brightest stars of modern Russian and European art on its stage. “Theatre is great !”, this is its non-official motto.

IMG_2864Exprimental projects by young theatre directors, actors and playwrights, lectures given by the most important theatre artists, masterclasses, big international festivals, concerts and presentations have turned the Theatre Center “Na Strastnom” into a place where new theatre ideas see the light, where new names are born. Many projects that started at “Na Strastnom” as experiments now have become an essential part of Moscow and Russian youth’s cultural program. Many of now famous theatre actors and directors have first been discovered on the stage of the Theatre Center.

The festivals “Your Chance”, “SOLO”, “Accento Italiano”, “Kolyada Theatre at “Na Strastnom”, Russian-exclusive projects “48 Hours with Romeo Castellucci”, “Anatoly Vasiliev at “Na Strastnom”, charity marathons and the Theatre Sleepless Nights… There is no final point to the list of the Theatre Center’s extraordinary events. The ideas and fantasies are as infinite as contemporary Russian and European art is wide and diverse.

Mikhail Pushkin – Director

(+7 495) 694-46-86


Anna Vydrits – Executive Director

(+7 495) 694-46-77; (+7 925) 506-15-96


Anna Kuzina (Ananskaya) – PR-Director

(+7 495) 694-46-80; (+7 909) 631-54-49


Anastasia Ovchinnikova – Art-manager

(+7 495) 694-46-80; 694-46-86


Yana Arkova – Art-manager

(+7 495) 694-46-86


Ekaterina Zimina – Art-manager

(+7 495) 694-46-86


Alisa Slepnyova – Deputy Director in Spectator Organization

Phone/Fax: (+7 495) 629-10-56



(+7 495) 694-13-46



The Theatre Center « Na Strastnom » is a platform adapted to staging and showing performances, exhibitions, concerts, masterclasses, lectures, installations in different theatre spaces. According to artistic demands, the main stage can be transformed into a small one, the audience hall can be dismounted, the hall equipped with light and sound allows to show performances of smaller forms. You can find the detailed descriptions of the spaces, the stage dimensions and the light and sound equipment list below.

Seats plan

Technical passport

Technical rider form (please fill in)


Technical parameters of the lighting console: grandma-english (PDF, 12,07 MB)

Photo gallery:




Dear colleagues,

The Theatre Center  « Na Strastnom » of the Theatre Union of the Russian Federation is a modern platform situated in the heart of Moscow, in the Strastnoy boulevard, 2 minutes from Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya metro stations. The hall with a 400-places cloakroom and a bar are located at the 1st floor. The 300-place audience hall and the stage are located at the 2nd floor.

The audience hall and the stage can be dismounted and turned into flat floor surface.

Banquet placement allows from 100 to 250 persons sitted.

The third floor is a 100-places balcony (not dismountable).

The fourth floor is the VIP Art-bar,  a cosy terrace with view on Moscow and a capacity of 20-40 persons.

Plans of each floor can be viewed in the Technical parameters section.

  • The Theatre Center “Na Strastnom” can host:
  • banquets
  • receptions
  • corporate events
  • ceremonies
  • conferences (press-conferences)
  • round tables
  • and other forms of events

They worked with us: Gazprom, OAO Power Machines, OAO United Europe-Holding, International Industrial Bank, Creative Television Union, Telecommunications Forum, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, Socioeconomic programs agency, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use, Investelectrosvyaz, “Stabilnost” Foundation, “Mir Knigi” Publishing House, OOO Date-Media.

We will be happy to collaborate with you, looking forward to your projects!


Anna Vydrits – Executive Director

+7 (495) 694-46-77

+7 (925) 506-15-96


The box office is open daily from 12 pm to 20pm
Box office: (495) 694-46-81
Тel/Fax: (495) 629-10-56 

The seats plan (click to enlarge):


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Festival SOLO! Call for applications!

Начинаем прием заявок на IX Московский международный фестиваль моноспектаклей SOLO, который пройдет в Театральном центре СТД РФ “На Страстном” с 1 по 10 октября 2016 года.

Срок подачи заявок – до 1 июля 2016 года.
Подробная форма подачи заявки здесь!


Презентация книги

Книгу о режиссере, педагоге, худруке Театра им. А.С.Пушкина Романе Козаке придумали и собрали его друзья, коллеги по Школе-студии МХАТ, партнеры по сцене, ученики.

Среди авторов – Дмитрий Брусникин, Михаил Ширвиндт, Николай Фоменко, Иван Ургант, Константин Райкин, Валерий Гаркалин.



Гран-при XI Московского Международного фестиваля студенческих спектаклей «Твой Шанс» получил спектакль «Бесы» выпускного курса Дмитрия Брусникина из Школы-студии МХАТ.



Имя лучшего молодого сценографа вы не узнаете до конца апреля 🙂

Фестиваль “Твой Шанс” продолжается!



20 и 26 апреля в рамках XI Московского Международного фестиваля студенческих спектаклей «Твой Шанс» пройдет мастер-класс гуру театральной фотографии Михаила Михайловича Гутермана.

Вход на занятия свободен для всех желающих!





Дорогие друзья, поздравляем вас с Днем театра!

И вот вам подарочек – афиша 11-го фестиваля «Твой шанс», который пройдет на сцене “Страстного” с 19 по 30 апреля!



ТЕЛЕФОН КАССЫ: 694-46-81

Уважаемые зрители!

Убедительная просьба по всем вопросам, касающимся репертуара, наличия и стоимости билетов, длительности и содержания спектаклей, обращаться по телефону нашей театральной кассы.
Вам с радостью ответят ежедневно с 12.00 до 20.00
Спасибо за понимание.