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SOLO 2015 A Gentle Creature

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Performed by Evgeny Stychkin (Moscow, Russia) 

This one is the third performance which unites the stage director Pavel Safonov and theatre and cinema actor Evgeny Stychkin. This solo piece is created exclusively for the 8th Festival of Monodrama performances SOLO.

«I wanted to stage A Gentle Creature as an expurgatory ritual act for the character, as well as for the actor and the public. This is a confession sacrificed for the sake of saving another person, even the one who seems impossible to save. A cold, austere, unfriendly and wasteful space expresses the main character’s physical and emotional pain, the intensity of his suffering from his loss, of his despair, of his extreme tenderness and his aspiration to harmony.

I see A Gentle Creature as a love song. An insane, bitter, mysterious song, or even a prayer. With this performance I want to remind everyone of us that life may end suddenly and brutally. That’s why one has to make an effort and express what we feel for our dearest, leaving behind fear and our very importance.  Don’t isolate yourself. Love.»

Pavel Safonov

80 minutes
Written by
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Directed by
Pavel Safonov