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Festival "Your Chance" These Ghosts

Next dates

27 April, Tue 2:00


Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’Amico (Italy, Rome)
Eduardo De Filippo

Pasquale Lojacono rents a flat in Naples. A very large house, 18 rooms, where rumors of alleged ghosts and spirits circulate. Pasquale doesn’t believe in ghosts, but after Raffaele’s stories, he begins to change his mind. Later, Pasquale’s wife arrives at the house. She has been having an affair with a certain Alfredo for a couple of years. Pasquale believes, or chooses to believe, that his wife’s lover is a ghost. Pasquale Lojacono is a sort of modern anti-hero; plagued by the knowledge that he cannot make his wife happy. He really seems to be a sweet and naive man, very much in love with his wife and convinced of the existence of a good ghost, who gives him presents. But the opposite can also be true, because in some circumstances he seems to be a cynical person, who takes advantage of his wife’s lover and the money the latter leaves for Maria. A somewhat petty person, who, in order to continue receiving the money, overlooks his wife’s betrayal. Pasquale Lojacono is contradictory, a character with many dimensions. And it is this ambiguity that makes him so interesting and modern, because we too do not have just one dimension. And herein lies all the strength of Pasquale Lojacono. Pasquale Lojacono is a normal person. Pasquale Lojacono is like us and we can identify ourselves with him.

1 hour 30 minutes in Italian with English subtitles
Directed by
Andrea Lucchetta