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Festival "SOLO" I’m Woman

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Solo performance by Ana Daud
(London, Great Britain)

We think we know how life begins. Wrapped in darkness, we burst into light – then we’re nurtured, encouraged. We giggle and dream. But this isn’t life. These are lies.

I’m Woman is a different kind of life story. Raw and unflinching, I’m Woman is naked reality torn from the womb – a stark and brutal truth in the body of a woman with a world to confront.

Acclaimed performer Ana Daud delivers an explosive one-woman telling of her own raging and tormented tale. From abuse and abortion to exploitation and fear, Daud revisits the events on which her life has turned – a physical tour de force that scorches the air and demands that the audience ask questions to themselves.

Since its first performance in 2018, I’m Woman has created a theatrical storm that needs to be weathered in the flesh. From startling revelations to laughter, pain and tears, it’s a laboratory dissection of one woman’s irresistible spirit – and an unforgettable exploration of the thudding heartbeat that defines us all.

1 hour 15 minutes without an interval
Written and directed by
Dmitry Akrish
Written and performed by
Аna Daud