Technical Theatre School

The 4th session of the Russian Technical Theatre School, held by the Theatre Union of Russia and the Theatre Center “Na Strastnom” and focused on theatre lighting and multimedia, offered its rich program to 20 students from theatres all over Russia.
During a whole week, lighting designers from 19 Russian cities attended an intensive course on stage lighting given by high-class professionals in the field. Among the lecturers there were Evgeny Ganzburg and Gleb Filshtinshky, the legendary lighting designers from Saint Petersburg. Not only did they give a three-day series of master-classes but also held a conference on the challenges of the “ideal” and the “real” theatre.

Gleb Filshtinsky, lighting designer, the Golden Mask award-winner, director of the Masters program “Artistic and technical management of contemporary live shows” at the Russian State Institute of Theatre Arts:

Speaking about theatre technicians, managers, playreaders, there are 10 per cent of geniuses and 10 per cent of good-for-nothing. But the majority remains 80 per cent, and we need this majority to be well qualified. And the Technical Theatre School contributes to achieving this goal.

Evgeny Ganzburg, lighting designer for more than 300 performances, the Golden Mask and the Golden Lightbar nominee:

In our country there are professionals and there are those who work as lighting designers. Unfortunately, the professionals are few, and the demand is high, which is a huge problem. We are eager to change the situation, it’s a kind of cultivating mission. Knowledge can’t be imposed but a person can learn. And a week-long project can provide the understanding of what you need to learn.
Lectures and masterclasses were given as well by such professionals as Maya Shavdatuashvili, lighting designer and the Golden Mask award-winner, Polina Bakthina, set designer, Alexey Lysov, producer, Ivan Nefyodkin, director and founder of the mediadesigh studio Radugadesign, Elena Drevalyova, lighting designer at the Bolshoy, Evgeny Vinogradov, lighting designer of the Lenkom theatre, Yan Kalnberzin,experimental multimedia artist, and Oganes Martirosyan-Royak, project manager at Polymedia.
Denis Grishin, chief electrician at the New Stage of Tabakov’s Theatre, showed to the students the theatre’s new equipment and shared his experience in the renewal of a theatre lighting department.
The students had also the possibility to meet the representatives of companies that integrate technical innovations into theatre arts, Epson and CTC Capital. Global Lighting and ETC presented their latest products in the lighting equipment industry. Viktor Shopin, specialist in the visualization and synchronization of live events, and the set designers Valery Forsov and Maxim Zheleznyakov showed to the audience the basic principles of work with software designed to create a detailed realistic 3D model of any performance.
For the first time in Russia, ETC presented its new lighting board, Ion Xe. During the masterclass on the EOS consoles the lighting designer and operator Timur Saitov and ETC sales manager Vladimir Kraynov showed the advantages of the new products and answered the questions.

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