СТРАСТНОЙ БУЛЬВАР, 8А карта проезда

Dear friends!
We are always glad to see you in our
Theater Center!

A. Kalyagin

The Theater Center of the STD of the Russian Federation "On Strastnoy" is a unique non–commercial platform in Moscow. Its founder, inspirer and curator is the Union of Theatrical Figures of Russia and its chairman A.A. Kalyagin personally. The center "On Strastnoy" is the interface of the Union, with the constant support of which numerous traditional and innovative theater projects, diverse in genre and form, become possible. Over the years, the center has acquired the image of a modern cultural space open to the most daring theatrical ideas. It is no coincidence that 80% of the regular audience of "Passionate", filling the hall every evening, are young people from 16 to 40 years old.

The Center's bold, expressive policy gathers the brightest representatives of contemporary art from Russia and Europe on its stage. "Theater is cool!" is the informal motto of "Passionate". Experimental projects of aspiring directors, actors and playwrights, lectures by leading masters of the stage, practical master classes, powerful international festivals, concerts and presentations have made the Center "On Passion" a place where new theatrical meanings are formed, new theatrical names are born. Many projects that began "On Strastnoy" as an experiment have now become an integral part of the cultural leisure of young people in Moscow and Russia. And today's famous actors, theater and film directors for the first time declared themselves on the stage of the Theater Center.

The festival "Your Chance", "SOLO", "Italy is Young", "Kolyada-theater "On Strastnoy", unique for Russia projects "48 hours with Romeo Castellucci", "Anatoly Vasiliev "On Strastnoy", Charity marathons and Theatrical insomnia… It is impossible to put an end to the list of bright theatrical projects of "Passionate". The fantasies and ideas of the Center are endless as much as the modern art of Russia and Europe is wide and diverse.